Polyester is BAD for your SKIN!

Polyester is BAD for your SKIN!

In the labyrinth of fashion choices, the fabrics we wrap ourselves in become more than mere garments—they become extensions of our skin, impacting our comfort and well-being. Polyester, once hailed for its convenience, has recently been unmasked as a potential antagonist to our skin's health. Today, we delve into the perils of polyester, the virtues of cotton, and why LEO PRINCE proudly champions the latter.

Polyester, a synthetic fabric derived from petroleum, may offer affordability and durability, but its dark side looms large. As a fabric notorious for its lack of breathability, polyester suffocates the skin, trapping moisture and creating a breeding ground for bacteria. This stifling environment can lead to a litany of skin maladies, from irritation to exacerbating conditions like eczema and acne.

Moreover, polyester's potential carcinogenic properties cast a menacing shadow over its allure. The chemicals used in its production, such as antimony trioxide and dimethylformamide, have been linked to adverse health effects, including respiratory issues and even cancer. When it comes to the well-being of our skin, polyester's risks far outweigh its benefits.

Enter cotton—the unsung hero of the fabric world and the cornerstone of LEO PRINCE's commitment to comfort and quality. Crafted from the soft, fluffy fibers of the cotton plant, cotton offers a sanctuary for the skin, allowing it to breathe freely and regulating moisture levels with ease. This breathability not only keeps us cool and comfortable but also wards off skin irritation and allergies, making it a natural choice for those with sensitive skin.

At LEO PRINCE, we stand firm in our dedication to skin health and sustainability. That's why we exclusively use 100% combed cotton in our garments, ensuring the softest touch and the gentlest embrace against your skin. Our commitment to quality extends beyond fashion—it's a promise to prioritize your comfort and well-being with every stitch.

In a world inundated with synthetic fabrics and fleeting trends, cotton emerges as a beacon of authenticity and care. By choosing cotton over polyester, we not only safeguard our skin but also champion a more sustainable and health-conscious approach to fashion. Join us at LEO PRINCE in celebrating the timeless allure of cotton and revel in the comfort it brings to your everyday wardrobe.


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