Step into a world of unparalleled comfort with LEO PRINCE™. Elevate your everyday experience with our clothing, crafted to be the epitome of comfort and quality. Rediscover the joy of feeling good in what you wear. LEO PRINCE™ - where comfort meets style.

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Highest Quality 100% Combed Cotton


"What materials do you use ?"

100% Combed cotton (softer version of normal cotton) and it's reactive-dyed (it will not bleach on high water temperature or exposure to sun)

"Why are your clothes thick ?"

Discover the unique blend of luxury and comfort with our thick clothing collection. Each piece is designed to make you feel extraordinary, as we understand that clothes play a vital role in expressing your individuality. Experience the pleasure of wearing our garments every day, knowing that you are making a statement with your impeccable style. Enchance your confidence.

"Can I track my order ?"

When order is completed you will recieve tracking number and can track your order.


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